How to wrap text in InDesign CS5.5?

Hello, this article will tell you how to wrap text around graphics, pictures, images, and similar things. Of course, here you see what you can do in older versions of Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5.

So let's start from the fact that we open the InDesign document and choose the window that pops us select OK, it might be the default document.

Then select the Text tool and draw a rectangle on your document on the entire page.

If you already have and have not text you want to paste it there, you can of course use the sample textLorem ipsum ... or click on the rectangle of text, click the right mouse button and select FILL placeholder text.

If you choose this option you should get this effect.

Of course you can edit the text as you want. I will not because that he was not what we really mean. Now you need to put some artwork around, which we will wrap our textThe best place cut graphics in Photoshop or another program, the point is that the image was clear and did not have any background.

If you have such a picture is finished and saved as a PSD file, for example, is now moving to InDesign, you can choose FILE - PLACE or CTRL + D to add our picture.

As you can see my picture is very large, your well may be suchbut it can easily be reduced, just hold Shiftand drag down the left mouse button while holding one of the squares in the picture.

As you can see, everything is reduced but the results came out weird when it comes to our picture, namely,each side has been trimmed. How did this goOf course a simple matter, just move the mouse on the imageright-click on it, from the menu and then select MATCHING Fill Frame Proportionally.

Now we should get this effect

We go further, the next step will be to move the text wrap panelif you do not see this panel you can enable it using the WINDOW - text wrap or ALT + CTRL + W.
Now click the small icon WRAP AROUND THE SHAPE OF THE OBJECT

we should have something like that

Then choose the option WRAP - LEFT SIDE, and another set of channel options ALFA

The last step will be to fit within the text from the image. In this case we can use the DISTANCE FROMTHE TOP, which is active, you can set to 2-3mm.

Well, we are ready to effect, for me it may look bad but I think I understand this and will deal with thiswithout any problem.

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