How to make water effect in Photoshop?

Will describe how you can make an interesting effect of water! Open the program and select New. Set yourself any size, I set the desktop resolution is 1280x1024 pixels.

Select the filter options-Render-Clouds

Now select Filter-> Blur-> Radial Blur and set the value to 15/20

Idziemy dalej i znowu wybieramy Filtr->Szkic->Chrom i ustawiamy wartosci na 10 i 8.

We go further and again select Filter-> Sketch-> Chrome and set the values for 10 and 8

We are already seeing an interesting effect, but it is some gray, so we choose the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + U and shows we have a window Hue / Saturation. Set the value as the image and the result is ready!

We have to flatten it a little better look, so we now have to double click on our layer in the layers palette, click ok and select Ctrl + T is transformation and we like the image below

Now select the Cropping tool and enable our water and just click Enter!

The finished result!

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