How to add links in Adobe Muse?

Another article on Adobe Muse. See how to add links to our website.

Will show you how easily you can embed links to social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Open our project and go to the tab A-MASTER. Then on the right side of the screen, go to the Widgets panel called the Library tab and Compositions. From this tab, select the component named TOOLTIP. Just drag it anywhere on our website.
We edit our allowance. Select the small rectangle and delete by pressing the DELETE key on the keyboard. Do this with the one and the other rectangle.
Again, click the rectangle and go to the States panel

Now set the key state for our reference.
Go to the panel and called Fill, where you can remove the color by clicking the color, and then navigate to the folder icon to add graphics.
Now let's set our image in the center, go to options and select the ORGINAL FITTING SIZE POSITION option and click on the middle square.

OK, as we have already NORMAL button, now you need to do is after the state ROLLOVER mouse over the button. So we do the same as before. Go to the States panel and click on the ROLLOVER, go to control panel and remove the Fill color, select the graphics, and so do all the states of the button.
Then move to the cloud edition by clicking on it and selecting text, type in your text where you want to display, edit color and we do the same with the other links.
Looks like my footer with links to social networking sites.
To our link to work properly, please click on the icon such as Youtube and select ACTIVE STATES panel and then in the top of the screen there is an option HYPERLINK, enter the address where such
Turning to the PREVIEW tab at the top of the window you can see how our page will look in a browser, clicking the link should open a page which has the link.

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