About Photoshop - keyboard shortcuts

Here I describe with useful keyboard shortcuts, which make it as easy a job with this program!

Ctrl+N - New document
Ctrl+O - Open (eg a picture or a project that we did earlier)
Ctrl+S - Save
Ctrl+Shift+S - Save as
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S - Save the internet (useful when doing web page template or animation)
Ctrl+W - This closes the window with our picture
Ctrl+Q - Exit (closes)
Ctrl+C - Copy
Ctrl+V - Paste
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+A - Select all
Ctrl+D - Uncheck all
Ctrl+H - Hide Guides
Ctrl+Z - Undo (one position)
Ctrl+Alt+Z - Back (we go back a few items which is more useful)
Tab - Hides all the palettes that we have the right and left side of our window or palette of tools and layers
Shift+Tab - Just as he "Tab" hides palette but it leaves us with the tools palette, which is very useful for working with larger image

These are the most useful shortcuts in PS for the novice user, these shortcuts is really a lot but at the beginning of the simplest useful!


Briefly describe what the letters on the keyboard correspond to the tools:

So going from the top we have:

- Shift, shortcut (V)

- Rectangular selection (by clicking the right mouse button will open a few more of these "selections", inter alia, elliptical, single row, single column), and a shortcut is (M)

- Lasso (by clicking the right mouse button will open the same way we have additional options such as the Polygon Lasso and Magnetic Lasso), the abbreviation (L)

- Wand (we have to choose either Rod Quick Selection Tool), a shortcut (W)

-Kadrowanie (C) / Crop (C)

- Tool slices (after clicking Select slices), abbreviation (K)

- Scatter correction brush (in an extra window: Amending Brush, Patch, Red Eye), no shortcut

- Brush (right-click the mouse, we have additionally Replace Color Pencil and (J)), shortcut (B)

- Stamp (in addition to the patterned stamp), shortcut (S)

- History Brush (Brush and Art History), shortcut (Y)

- Eraser (in addition and the background eraser magic eraser) (E)

- Gradient (additional bucket) (G)

- Blur (in addition Sharpen and Smudge) (R)

- Lighten (additional dimming and Sponge) (O)

- Pen (any pen in addition, add control points, removal of checkpoints, controlling points) (P)

- Text (additional text vertical, horizontal text mask, mask vertical text) (T)

- Selecting paths (in addition the direct selection tool) (A)

- Rectangle (also rounded rectangle, ellipse, polygon, line, shape your own) (U)

- Tool comments (additional sound annotations) (N)

- Dropper (additional sampling colors, ruler tool), a shortcut (I)

- Hand Tool (H)

- Magnifier (Z)

- Choice of colors

- Edit in Quick Mask Mode (Q)

- Changing the screen mode (F)

Other additional options are listed at the top of the program and the right side! Photoshop is a program that has infinitely many opportunities for photo editing!

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