How to make header and footer in Adobe Muse?

Welcome to my blog. In this article I will write specifically how to create your first web page without writingredundant code, HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript.
For starters we will be the creation of the header and footer of our site. If you have prepared a template of your website in Photoshop, then you can cut into pieces and place in Adobe Muse, or you can use the PSD file. I used the tool to cut the graphics and everything I wrote separately.

So let's start with the opening of the Muse. When you start the welcome screen appears, from which we choose Create - New Site.

I choose the default settings and I click OK. As you can see there are two rectangles that are signed HOME and A-MASTER.

The rectangle with the word HOME create our first page of our future site. As for A-MASTER is something on the basis of field work, through which we can place the graphic and it will be displayed on every page of our website. If you put a footer at HOME, for example, it will be visible only on this site and will not be visible on other pages.
So let's start creating our website. Double click on the A-MASTER and appears workspace.

Of course, in the meantime you can familiarize yourself with the functions of the Muse, and I now turn tospecifics. All functions will be discussed in subsequent articles.
And so we begin by creating a page header. To do this, go to the top menu and choose Fill Browser foldericon, which is signed Image. When you click a window appears from which you will choose a PNG file with a piece of the header, but rather his background.

After selecting an image to select OK. As you can see the file has been added but it fills the entire page

so it all made ​​sense and seemed somehow go to the same browser tab and choose Fill from the drop downmenu Title Horizontally, so our image is aligned to the top of our website and do not replicate.

Now we have to change the color of our side because as you see it is gray. To do this, go to the same taband select Options Colour

As you can see our site somehow begins to look like. It looks very ugly in the middle of the rectangle of our website. To change this go to the top menu, and exactly the Fill and Stroke where we choose a small square, which is used to remove color.

As you can see our site looks better and better. Now, on to the bottom of the foot that is on our part.
At the beginning create a rectangle by using Rectangle Tool, which can be found in the upper part of the program.

The color is arbitrary because there just add our graphics. Let us set our foot on the site. Important to the leftand right sides of the rectangle is equal to our workspace, if we were to stand the entire width of the screen.

Another important element is that the rectangle was attached to the Footer or must be selected Footer

If you already have everything we have is on the right is a panel with various interesting tools. Now we're looking to fill the rectangle. Go to the Fill tab

Like the header of our website we use Image options, where we choose our image, which will fill the entirefoot, and set other settings as in the previous section to form header

As you can see we have everything ready. Our future site looks pretty good. Now you can choose File - Preview page in the browser and see our page on your browser.

In subsequent articles we will be adding a menu, slideshow, lightbox, social networking plugins and other interesting things.

I invite you to watch videos from Youtube.

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