How to make neon effect in Photoshop?

Open the program and our image, in which you want to add neon. In my case it is the guitar. If you want to change the background probably do not have to describe. So let's get down to business. Select the new layer Layers palette and pen tool (P). 

Now we are trying to do "parabolas" hehe, click on our feather in our facility, and once again click on the other side of the object holding the mouse button and moving it up, we should go something like this:

And so we do with our whole image, which should look like this:

Now select the Brush tool (B) and go to the right side of the screen where you can edit your brush before it even select brush color:

Select the Brush tip shape and set yourself how we respond, as well as the Thickness of brush, with the thickness I is not mad, just a few pixels, I will not write exactly how many because it's a total also depends on how we have a big picture. How's it have set a click ENTER and you should leave something like the image:

If you did not get anything this can be done in another way. We leave you our brush settings, and once again select the pen tool (P) and click the right mouse button on our "parabolas" Contour options and choose the path ...

clicking a window will appear to us with a brush and click OK to confirm and you should now exit as above. Like everything we have to select the Eraser tool (E) and erasing the individual elements as in the picture

As we have already had such an effect we see that it was our line by which we made our white line. A little weird looks so embarrassing to get rid of this. Well, move on to the layers palette and select the Paths

To our line we have made, click the pen disappeared under the Working Path

The idea is to uncheck. How do we do now so we can see that there is no line of pens. Now we can select Blending Options by clicking on our coat with a white line / parabola Outer Glow and choose

And now we select the color we want, for me it will be blue and match the different options by moving the slider.

The finished result

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