How to make a menu in Adobe Muse?

Hello, if you found this article it means that you are looking for answers on how to create web pages in Adobe Muse, and specifically how to make a menu to your web page.

How to make header and footer in Adobe Muse?

Welcome to my blog. In this article I will write specifically how to create your first web page without writingredundant code, HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript.
For starters we will be the creation of the header and footer of our site. If you have prepared a template of your website in Photoshop, then you can cut into pieces and place in Adobe Muse, or you can use the PSD file. I used the tool to cut the graphics and everything I wrote separately.

How to make photo gallery in InDesign CS5.5?

Hi, on my blog. If you read this article it means that you are looking for answers to the question in what wayyou can do interesting gallery in Adobe InDesign CS5.5 version eg.

How to wrap text in InDesign CS5.5?

Hello, this article will tell you how to wrap text around graphics, pictures, images, and similar things. Of course, here you see what you can do in older versions of Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5.

How to add sound to a menu in Flash CS5? - ActionScript 3.0

Hello, this article will tell you how to add sound to a menu, or rather buttons that we created in the previous articleSo open the file menu and begin to add sound. I hope you have a sound file ready to be placed in your project.

How to make animated menus in Flash CS5? - ActionScript 3.0

Hello welcome you dear userIn this article I would like to show you how you can make a very interestingmenu animated in Flash CS5 with ActionScript 3.0!

How to send photos using Photoshop Elements 8?

Ever wondered how to send a project made in Photoshop Elements without saving itand podobych things? If so, and you do not know how to do is invite you to read the article.

How to make a button in Flash CS5?

Hi, this article I wanted to show you how to make a simple button in Flash CS5 -ActionScript 3.0! So we begin by creating a new document in AS 3.0.

How to use mask in Photoshop Elements 8/9?

Hello, this tutorial will show you how to use masks in Photoshop Elements 8 I hope youuseful information.
So let's start with the opening of the program and select two or more images with whichwe work. I used a few photos from Fotolia. If you learn, and you do not have anyinteresting pictures I invite you to visit

How to make rain in Photoshop CS5?

Hello, this tutorials you will see how to make a rain effect in Photoshop, this time it will be a tutorial in the new version of CS5! Feel free to read!

How to make a photo gallery in Flash CS5? - ActionScript 3.0

In this article you will find many interesting things about making flash gallery! I hope thisshort tutorial will help you in your work!

How to use the code snippets in Flash CS5?

Hi, if you read this article it means that you want to make a website in Flash but due tothe fact that you are a beginner not you have to write the appropriate scripts. Right? :D

How to make a website in Flash CS5? - ActionScript 3.0

Hello, this tutorial you will see how to make a website using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.
The tutorial is all about the present operating structure of the website. What is it? The point is that I will not here focus on showing you how to make a template inPhotoshop or other graphics program but wants to show you how it will look like this onsuch a page or how to make buttons and sub ​​(in the following tutorials show you how tomake sure the template and the kind of thing).

How to make a Avatar in Photoshop?

Hello. Today we want to show you how to do Avatar. Open the program and the photo you want to change CTRL + O. Immediately transform the layer with a photo of the background layer 0 by double-clicking on the layer in the layers palette and press OK. Select the command Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer. 

How to make a picture in the text in Photoshop?

Open yourself a new document (Ctrl + N) in Photoshop (I did 30x15 cm) and do any of the words.

How to make the text in the image in Photoshop?

You will see how you can make the text in the image.

How to make a mirror image in Photoshop?

In this tutorial will show you how you can easily make a mirror image of the text. Open in Photoshop New (Ctrl + N), select the text tool (T) and piszymy something.

How to make graffiti in Photoshop?

Part 1
You will see how to make graffiti using Photoshop, Corel . I divided this tutorial into two parts because I want to show how this can be done using these two programs. On Youtube certainly seen a lot of interesting tutorials graffiti made without any templates and similar stuff. I will show how a person beginner can do this by using these two programs, paper and pencil. The best start is from your project. Draw it and scan (unless this is that you can not help). Once we have scanned your profile is open Corel `ai choose File-> New (Ctrl + N). Show us a clean sheet of A4 paper. We choose again File-> Import (Ctrl + I) and choose your scan project. We press our import and set a sketch on a sheet.

How to change mouth color in Photoshop?

Fire up Photoshop and open the image file-> Open (Ctrl + O), which we want to convert. Now our best to duplicate the photo to finish it easier for our modifications.

How to change eye color in Photoshop?

Very similar to the previous tutorial, the total is the same only that, but my eyes change so I will describe.

How to change hair color in Photoshop?

In this example I will show how this can be done but a little different way than in previous tutorials. Open the photo with "hair" and click twice on the layer called background so that the layer was 1 (but you do not need.

About Photoshop - Accessories

Very often when I'm looking for different things related to Photoshop, there is the question "... how to add brushes or other things for this program?"

About Photoshop - keyboard shortcuts

Here I describe with useful keyboard shortcuts, which make it as easy a job with this program!

How to make a pattern on the skin in Photoshop? - texture

I'll show you how you can make a pattern on the skin. If you do not have any interesting pictures of such a pattern to what we want to put on the skin is proposed to use Google or Flickr How we get our pictures to open them in Photoshop, choose File-> Open (Ctrl + O).

How to make the effect of clouds in Photoshop?

You will see how you can make a cloud in the picture where they do not exist!

How to make water effect in Photoshop?

Will describe how you can make an interesting effect of water! Open the program and select New. Set yourself any size, I set the desktop resolution is 1280x1024 pixels.

How to make spatial image in Photoshop?

Hello. Today I'll show you how you can make an interesting effect of spatial images! So let's start! Open the program and choose File-> Open and open up our image. How open is no longer worth it to click on our image layer 2 times so that there is a window New Layer - Click OK and now we have a layer of layer 0 and no background.

How to make neon effect in Photoshop?

Open the program and our image, in which you want to add neon. In my case it is the guitar. If you want to change the background probably do not have to describe. So let's get down to business. Select the new layer Layers palette and pen tool (P).