How to make the effect of clouds in Photoshop?

You will see how you can make a cloud in the picture where they do not exist!

So how do you open the picture with no clouds in Photoshop select the Edit tool in Quick Mask Mode (Q)

How do you choose this option to go to Filter-> Render-> Clouds and we should show something like the image

If you press Ctrl + F several times, we see that our clouds are changing!
Match your clouds and go on. When you are done, choose the option Edit in Standard Mode (Q) and we have a selection. Select the Create Layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and go to Edit-> Fill (Shift + F5), appeared to us such a window

We see the fulfillment options - use the (drop down menu and select the color ...) we have a window will appear with the colors so choose white or something slightly darker and click OK in both dialog. We should have been something like this

Select the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D and our selection disappears. Select Ctrl + T and you indicate to us that we can transform, so we transform our clouds in this way in order not to obscure the buildings and accept or simply erasing them with a soft eraser. You can also change the opacity to less

and we are ready to effect

Feel free to watch videos!

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