How to use mask in Photoshop Elements 8/9?

Hello, this tutorial will show you how to use masks in Photoshop Elements 8 I hope youuseful information.
So let's start with the opening of the program and select two or more images with whichwe work. I used a few photos from Fotolia. If you learn, and you do not have anyinteresting pictures I invite you to visit

If you have already opened images in Photoshop Elements is a drag one image to another by using the OFFSET or choose from the keyboard V.
Using this tool to further cover with a second picture.
If you already have done everything I wrote, let's move on to the panel, which is locatedon the right side, it specifically LAYER panel. As you can see there are layers of ourphotographs, and various buttons.
Now let's get to the bottom of the LAYERS palette and opt for the CREATE NEWLAYER FILLED OR FITNESS, Specifically in this small, black-and-white icon
If you press this icon appears on the menu from which to choose LEVELS.
As you see, when you click there is another layer in the Layers palette.
Now we have set this layer to be between layers with pictures. Just simply drag it down.
If you have anything you like in the pictures, we have to do one thing. Hover your mouseon the layer with the levels, but rather between the layer and layer with levels that arehigher. With this you have to hold the ALT key on the keyboard. You'll see that you are a little different than usual cursor. If you see this cursor, click the left mouse button. You'll see a small change in the layer above, specifically, will we have a tiny arrow at theimage.
If everything is as it should, you must have selected layer with the levels, and the exactterms of the layer, which is on the right (the one with the white filling).
OK. Now we can start having fun with masks:)
Go to the palette of tools, which is located on the left side and select a gradient.Remember that the gradient should be set as standard, which should be the transition from black to white in color and should be set to linear gradient.
Now just create a gradient on our pictures, of course you can do as you wish, you can drag from top to bottom, bottom to top, from left to right or vice versa. I pulled from the bottom up.
As you can see the effect is good but it can still be improved. To do this, you can use a brush, but remember that the color was marked in black if you want to erase the image that is set as the first or the one that covers our second picture. If you want to paint overthe second photo for example, covering them first, use white.
And that would be enough. I hope I helped you learn Photoshop Elements 8, and above all in creating masks.

And so the end result looks.

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