How to change mouth color in Photoshop?

Fire up Photoshop and open the image file-> Open (Ctrl + O), which we want to convert. Now our best to duplicate the photo to finish it easier for our modifications.

Hit Ctrl + J and we have the 1st layer

What now? Now, the best to make sure that Layer 1 is selected. If so, this is a tool to select the Polygon Lasso (L) and mark around his mouth.

As you can see I did it a little on the "Leave me alone," because in later editions, and so everything we can improve. Now choose Image-> Adjustments-> Color Balance ... (Ctrl + B) and choose a lip color sliders so what we want!

Press Ctrl + D and mouth show a total effect and we are ready. If we went somewhere beyond the mouth, and our color is somewhere on the face of the eraser tool to select the right button and choose a soft eraser

And we are ready to image

Feel free to watch videos!

Check this video !!!

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