How to send photos using Photoshop Elements 8?

Ever wondered how to send a project made in Photoshop Elements without saving itand podobych things? If so, and you do not know how to do is invite you to read the article.

At the beginning of the PSE program open and select a project or projects with whichwe work. It could be that you modified or some other things. Now select the images you want to send to friends. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + Click the mouse. If you checked your work, go to the panel, which is located on the right side of the program and then choose ANNEX SHARE E-MAIL

As you can see there's a new panel, which shows the selected works. Of course, in the options that are lower you can adjust the image size. If you set everything yourself as you want it, click NEXT
Again appeared a new panel, where you can type in your message, and then select thefriends you want to send projects. If you do not have any friends, you can add them as follows. Click on the form, which is located on the right side and in a new window that appears, you can add friends.
In the new window that appears, select NEW or NEW CONTACT GROUPS
As you can see there is another window where you can enter the exact details of hisfriend and press OK.
If you have already entered the necessary things, clicked on OK to return to the previous window, where the click OK. Now in the right pane, select the recipients have the option to select the recipients, and so we go further by clicking on NEXT. Now the programloads the images into your email program such Outlook Express and create a new message.

Now just click send and that's all.

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