How to add content in Adobe Muse?

Continuing guide Adobe Muse. In this article you will learn how to add content to our website. Of course, the program is developed and Muse can all elements to create itself from scratch,
but I will show you how to place items made ready in Photoshop.

So, open your project's Web site in Muse and begin by adding elements by File - Place or CTRL + D

In the window that appears, select the items that interest you. Click Open. By clicking the left mouse button anywhere on our website there are already marked items.
Arrange them anywhere, and in a moment We put them in the right way, as a project that the previously prepared.
With auxiliary lines can easily arrange all items.
As you can see everything now looks good.
Now, by using "TEXT" you can add text to appear on the site.
As you can see everything we have done and that we finish our work.
In the next article, you will learn how to add links to our website.

I invite you to watch the movie.

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