How to develop the footer in Adobe Muse?

Continued from Adobe Muse. This time I'll show you how to make the second menu on our website. It is a very simple and useful thing. Welcome

Open design our website and go to the tab again A-MASTER.
From the top menu, choose the TEXT tool and create "buttons" as we are at the top of the page.
If you do have the entire second menu you should add a link on how to do this? It's easy. Select one text that you want to click, such as HOME
Now go to the upper panel, and exactly HYPERLINK option, you will find a drop down menu where you can select the appropriate tab. For HOME, select the Home tab.
So you can do the same with the other buttons. At the bottom of the page, you can add text COPYRIGHT type. To see if your site works properly, go to the tab PREVIEW.
I invite you to watch the movie.

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