How to make a slideshow in Adobe Muse?

Hi, we are continuing to work with our web site in Adobe Muse. In this article we will be adding a logo forour website and creating slides, or slider on top.

So let's start. We open our website and go to the A-MASTER. Then select FILE-PLACE (Ctrl + D) to select our logo, you put them on the site and set in place.

In conclusion, our work with the logo was completed successfully. Now let's get more advanced thing is the slider on our website. I want on your website so that it appears only on the main page (home), so I leave the A-MASTER tab and move on to the HOME tab.

Then go to the panel with additives (LIBRARY widgets), and then select the item SLIDESHOW supplement called LIGHTBOX.

If you click and drag anywhere LIGHTBOX on our site, the addition should appear immediately.

Now we need to remove the default images and insert your own. Double click on the thumbnail image and press DELETE, it should remove the default image with a thumbnail. Do this with all the pictures.
Frame, which was after our thumbnail is displayed when you click if you have it you can also delete selected by pressing the DELETE

As you can see there is only gray area. In the same way, we remove the additional arrows and captions like "Lorem ipsum ..."

Now we have a whole box clean and we can begin to put our pictures. To add an image we need to click on the box and on the right side you will see a blue circle with an arrow, click on it and choose "Add images"

Click the little folder and select the photos you want to add to the slider. If you add pictures, or pictures that you can manually adjust the height and width of our slider. If you already did that, select the gray part
of the slider and going to the top of the palette of colors we can remove the colors that we are not needed.

It's all we have done, but our animation needs to move, so we click on the slider and click on the blue circle with an arrow and select TRANSITION options that set the FADE, then AUTO PLAY MEDIA and turn off the text option LIGHTBOX

If you choose the PREVIEW tab you can see the animation actually works.

Our work with the slider has been completed, if you want to change the option to transfer pictures in sliderze you need to go to the menu that is called up by selecting LIGHTBOX and pressing the blue circle with an arrow. There you can change the option TRANSITION VERTICAL HORIZONTAL either.

Thank you for your attention and invite you to watch the movie, as well as to subscribe to my channel on Youtube!

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